TOSCA Project presented to SAR services in the Mediterranean

04/06/2012 News

Cross MED

During Spring 2012, the TOSCA project has organized several meeting with SAR services around the Mediterranean. On the 20th of April, TOSCA project has been presented to the French Regional Operational Centre for Monitoring and Rescue (Cross MED). The meeting was a great opportunity to exchange on TOSCA expected results and on-going activities and build the first step of a future fruitful cooperation concerning using TOSCA system.

In Greece, a meeting whose goal was to inform Civil Protection and SAR bodies was organized on the 14th February 2012, where it received a great attention from many actors involved in civil protection and rescue operations.

Finally, in Spain a meeting was organised on the 23rd of May with the Spanish State Agency on Marine Search and Rescue (SASEMAR) who manifested his interest in the TOSCA developments and in collaborating within TOSCA activities.

A follow up of SAR meeting are planned in each region for next year when outcomes of TOSCA will mature.

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